We are here to help each other learn, grow and up our music-making game.


SheProducer is a new project for Cornwall that aims to empower women to become self-sufficient music makers.

SheProducer connects and supports women across the county who are already recording and producing their own sounds, and inspires and trains those who can’t or don’t.

Our aim is to create and support a community of female music makers in Cornwall*

We want to give women the skills to record and broadcast their music, enabling autonomy and building confidence.

We want women to feel able to ‘have a go’ at recording their ideas at home, and explore how they might use different techniques and sounds to create their music.

We want to foster a positive community of music ‘producers’ who can share skills, knowledge and experiences.

We want to help women making music in Cornwall to develop and exploit their online working potential, and expand their technological horizons.

*Those who identify as women, living full-time at a Cornish address. 


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