We are here to help each other learn, grow and up our music-making game.

Connecting female music producers in Cornwall


Welcome to SheProducer!

We are Minko and Kath, both musicians living in Cornwall, and both passionate about the possibilities of recording sounds and creating music away from traditional studio environments.  

We formed SheProducer because we really wanted to create a new space for female Cornish music makers to come together, learn new skills and inspire each other to record their own sounds in a homemade setting. 

We are deeply excited about the wealth of female talent here in Cornwall that the world needs to hear but is sometimes hidden or hindered through lack of technological skill or ‘tech overwhelm’. So we are here to demystify this process and quite simply make recording your music easy, fun and empowering. 

We hope you join us on this exciting journey.

Kath and Minko


Sound Showcase #2

Old Bakery Studios, Truro March 7th to 11th 2022

Following our well received online showcase in June 2021, in March 2022 we had our first Sound Showcase exhibition, celebrating the work of women recording their own music in Cornwall as part of Cultivator’s Change + Makers series of events for International Women’s Day.

These 10 women joined the SheProducer journey during lockdown, learning new skills in our free teaching sessions and talking about their music in a safe online space. Together we have tackled some of the challenges of recording, sharing our knowledge and encouraging each other to explore and experiment.

We set the task of writing and producing a new piece, with the theme of ‘Home’. For many, the results represent the first recordings they made in their own spaces, for others it’s been a chance to work with new toys and hone ideas. Together the tracks celebrate the unique, varied and authentic possibilities of taking control of your own music making.